Like most families in the UK, from mid-March 2020 we were in lockdown at home protecting the spread of coronavirus. For the first 50 days we picked one activity that one or more of us did that day, and photographed it as a visual diary. This is an edited selection from those 50 images.

Day 8: Table football (H, R, K, M)

Day 5: Netball practice (H, R)

Day 12: 10km run (M)

Day 2: Crossword puzzles (K, M)

Day 33: Lego challenge - rainbow (H)

Day 1: Lego challenge - penguin (H)

Day 3: Lego challenge - dragon (H)

Day 38: Home baking - focaccia (K)

Day 20: Home baking - last of the bread flour (M)

Day 11: Homemade family flip-book (H, M)

Day 15: First four reads of lockdown (M) 

Day 39: Two most recent reads (M)

Day 10: Ukulele practice (H)

Day 17: Monopoly (H, M)

Day 26: Wii games (R, H, K)

Day 6: DIY haircut (M)

Day 18: Zoom workout (H)

Day 27: Virtual tour of the National Gallery (M)

Day 16: Letter from Boris

Day 34: Portraits (M, H, R)

Day 31: Delivery from Hoxton Mini Press

Day 21: Easter Sunday (H, R)

Day 24: Home baking - cinnamon twirls (K, H)

Day 9: Home baking - apple tart (H, K)

Day 19: NHS, Thank You (H)

Day 4: San Miguel (M)

Day 41: Delivery from local brewery (K, M)

Day 36: Chatterbox (H)

Day 49: Home baking - breadsticks (M)

Day 44: Home baking - Swiss roll (R)

Day 35: Sitting in the sun (M)

Day 13: Scrub hat, home-sewing for the NHS (K, R, H)

Day 40: Home-made face mask (K)

Day 29: Isolation gown, homemade from recycling bags for the NHS / For The Love Of Scrubs (K)

Day 37: Thirty-one (K, M, R, H)

Day 42: Carrot and lettuce plants (K)

Day 45: Home baking - marble muffins (R)

Day 7: Home schooling - French revision (R)

Day 30: Uno (R, H, M)

Day 46: Collected on permitted daily walk (H, M)

Day 48: Camping in back garden (M, R, H)

Day 32: Banging the drum for the NHS / Clap For Carers (H, R, K)

Day 47: VE Day (R, H)

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